Waste Not Wednesday, August 10th
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday, August 10th

    It's another hot day here so I'll be working inside the house. I need to cleanout the refrigerator and make a freezer inventory, wipe down kitchen counters, dust/vaucuum/sweep, fold a load of laundry and iron. I'm sure I'll find other things to do thruout the day.

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    my daughter starts high school next monday (my son starts the following week), so this week i've been baking/cooking up 'grab, heat & go' type breakfast foods for the early mornings. we are currently down to 1 vehicle (the family honda odyssey) so we all need to be up at 6a so we can get ready, lunches packed and are out the door @7a to trek my hubby to work, and then the kids to school. we should have a 2nd vehicle bought for my hubby by october (paying cash for an older model pickup truck), and that will help out immensely!

    monday i baked 8 mini loaves (5.5" x 3.5") of zucchini bread. tuesday i baked 8 mini loaves of banana bread. and today i'm making up large batches of french toast & buttermilk pancakes.

    still on the 'to do' list is homemade egg, bacon & cheese 'mcmuffins', 2 mini loaves of sandwich bread (for the lunchbox), & chocolate chip cookies (for the lunchbox).

    today will also consist of several loads of laundry and some light house cleaning and a long walk on the treadmill.

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    Ambitions for the day
    * set out Roomba
    * scrub both bathrooms
    * get quotes for travel insurance for dad
    * wrap the gifts I've purchased this week for the weekend
    * change bedsheets
    * possible emerg load of laundry???
    * bake b'na bread b/c I have 4 spoiling b'nas

    Have a great day y'all!

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    I have already fixed breakfast and packed lunch for dh. I took the cans to the recycling place and cashed in a scratch-off. DH and I are going to use the money to go to the movies tonight. I have a dentist appointment later today and need to drop a letter at the post office.

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    Still working on my home computer project...progress!! Need to do dishes and some general pick up. Not a whole lot, today. Which is good...my leg and neck are both super not happy today. I have a chiro appointment later this afternoon. I can't wait to get there!! I wanna feel better!!

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