Waste Not Wednesday, 10/5/11
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday, 10/5/11

    Good morning!

    It FINALLY feels like fall! Woo-hoo! And now it's so foggy out I can hardly see. Oh well, I'll take it.

    I didn't sleep great again, but I'm up and going, and the coffee's delicious! So the lunches and backpacks are ready to go, and it's almost time to start waking up the kids.

    Today is the start of another year of church school for the kids, so I'm looking forward to them going. Also dh is coming home tonight! Yay! He deploys on Tuesday, so it's our last fun weekend with him.

    What is everyone up to today??


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    I need to clean the backporch and water the plants that are on it. I also need to sweep, feather dust, spray roundup on the weeds (as long as there's no wind), make dinner and pickup the house.

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    Good Hump Day!
    Off today so going to clean out the fridge and clean toilets make the grocery list. Going to enjoy the summerlike temps we are having here!!!! Pouring natural insect repellant around the house. Going to a fall festival tonight.

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    Good morning!

    Today I will work a full day. The past two days I have had a hard time focusing at work and have not been the most productive, so today I would really like to try hard to focus and get a productive 8 hours in.

    I packed my breakfast and lunch and will eat both meals at work today. After work, I hope to get a run in before heading home and will then make pasta with mushrooms and peppers for dinner tonight.

    If I have time tonight - I am hoping to run up to the grocery store to get a few items as well.

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