Waste Not Wednesday 2/13/13
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday 2/13/13

    Today I'll have lunch at my parents. I think I'll stop off and pick up some little debbie snacks for them. They always have a container full of these things. Last week they were out. Not sure how they are doing financially, but it's the least I can do for them feeding me lunch.

    I have a few more loads of laundry to do. Got the towels and sheets washed and dried last night. Just need to put them away.

    Dh will have chicken livers for dinner. His request. Not sure what I'll have. I have some soup left from last night.

    Finished taxes yesterday. E-filed the federal, mailing the state today. Not willing to pay $20 to e-file. Started ds' taxes too. He had income from another state, so I have to do that one myself. Not willing to pay $35 for an extra state. He didn't have much income last year, so it shouldn't be too hard.

    Survivor starts tonight and American idol is on at the same time. Don't have DVR, so I guess I'll catch Survivor tomorrow.

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    washing lg. amounts of dishes
    may make DH nachos for lunch. Quick and easy.

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    DD has a recurring Dr appt today... but before she can go I have to get her a new ID card made for the insurance paperwork... so any shreds of my soul that still remain should be totally sucked out by the end of the day...

    And then we'll have spaghetti.

    Just kinda hanging out waiting for payday and the long weekend here. So much to do, so little "give a damn..."

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    Workedout today then went to get some birdseed (boss). Then looked for my phone couldn't find it in my purse so went back to the fitness center couldn't find it there so the guy called my # and it rang in my car. It must of fell out of purse & fell on the other side of the passenger seat.
    Went home showered & dressed then made a smoothie & relaxed. Went outside to pick up more sticks since it warmed up & sunny out! Went grocery shopping w/dh. Had leftovers for dinner(moscatolli) & garlic bread.

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