Waste Not Wednesday 2/6/19
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday 2/6/19

    I miss posting in these daily.
    Today it's icy and cold out with more ice coming. I plan to stay home and do more laundry and go through more papers and get the paper stack organized/shredded. Slowly getting the house more organized and decluttered. May work on one of the bedroom closets today too. Dinner will be pancakes, sausage and eggs. A friend brought us some NY maple syrup a few weeks ago. Good time to give it a try.

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    It is raining here today chance of storms i need to go get my car serviced just got it back Monday it been in garage I was lucky i had a son that paid for getting it fixed {never asked him to}but i will pay him back along as i can.Can't do a lot and live on SS.Need to do another load of laundry and fold and put away two loads i did yesterday. I miss these post and the one stating what we are thankful for.

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    ED glad your car is fixed. You can always "do stuff" for son as well as pay $$$ back. Lunch at work was various foods brought in and left over. Supper is also left overs. Thankful for my job and pay check. Thankful for decent temperature instead of below 20 degrees for days.

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    Thankful for another day. Today I drove a bag of clothes to my church thrift shop. I also have a cart to put together for a homeless woman my friend and I try to help. She was mugged last week and they got her card and everything in it. She has been on the streets a very long time (over 10 years) and never begs for money. Mental illness prevents her from trusting shelters or people so we just do what we can.
    The Lord will provide

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