Waste Not Wednesday 3/6/2019
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday 3/6/2019

    Finally got out of the house today. I've stayed home for the past 3 days and was about to go nuts. Visited my parents. They are getting old and my dad recently had a stroke and today he didn't look well. I need to go visit more often.

    Stopped at Aldi to pick up a few things. In an effort to not eat out, I picked up some hotdog buns, to use up the hotdogs in the freezer. Picked up some fresh fruit. Got some bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. That's half of the reason I don't always feel well. I don't eat well during the day.

    I still need to stop at the library to pick up some books I requested. Then pick up dgd to spend the night.

    Tonight we'll stay home and play games and watch Survivor.

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    went to moms group first time in a month.brought kentucky derby pie from xmas from freezer. housework, threw out pd of strawberries gone moldy. leftovers for dinner. put cheques in the bank.

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