Waste Not Wednesday 3-20-19
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday 3-20-19

    The calendar says today is the first day of Spring. High temperature today is supposed to be 54 degrees. I think I'll take a long walk this morning to enjoy the weather and take a look at some of the neighbor's farmland.

    I have a new crochet project, a pineapple doily, that I'm working on. I'm going to devote a couple hours to crocheting that today.

    For dinner tonight is Amish chicken pot pie, home canned pickled red beet eggs, and home canned applesauce.

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    Happy first day of Spring. So ready for warmer weather and lots of sunshine!

    Going to visit my parents today and have lunch with them.

    Stopping off to pick up pet meds from the vet. It's on the way and more convenient. And going to Aldi to pick up a couple of deals they have this week.

    Dgd has soccer practice tonight. Might stop by and watch her practice. Will probably go to inlaws old house and try to do some work to get it ready for them to move back there.

    Dinner will most likely be leftover pancakes, bacon and eggs. Or BLT if I remember to get some tomatoes.

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    Happy first day of spring! warm here too. super worm full moon tonight. dh and ds got the new vinyl plank flooring in the basement. ran errands with my mom. kids activities too. got more groceries the deals that ended today and used the coupon spend 25 bucks get $10 gift card.

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