Need frugal gift suggestion for renewing of vows
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    Default Need frugal gift suggestion for renewing of vows

    My neighbors, who I'm friendly with but not at all close to, invited my family to their house to witness their vow renewal in a few weeks. I am -guessing- it is their 30th anniversary, given they're doing it on a Monday morning, and the ages of their children, but really don't know. Here's what we DO know- they are sweet people, maybe in their 50's?, originally from Kentucky, now here in NH, very strong Christian faith.....ummm.....ummm...yah, that's it. They haven't registered anywhere, according to their invitation, there's not even an RSVP #! So- frugal gift ideas? Nothing homemade, I'm not good like that, but looking to spend $20-30 on something nice but not cheesy most folks would enjoy. Considered getting them a restaurant gift card but that would get idea I have now is some kind of blooming, or fruit tree for their yard for their first house they purchased just last year. We got one as a wedding gift, a nice living reminder of our big day and our love. Or an engraved picture frame with the date of the renewal? HELP!

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    I so love the idea of a tree - what a wonderful gift, and as you say, it would be a constant, living symbol of their marriage.

    My neighbors renewed vows on their 50th anniversary. We sent them flowers, which cost more than your budget allows, but it was the dead of winter - now I would go to Costco or some other place that has bouquets of flowers and pick up a couple of nice ones. If you know they have vases, I would not bother getting one, but if not, you can probably find something nice at the thrift store.

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    I don't know if this is cheesy,but a basket packed with wine (or sparking juice if they don't drink,cheese,chocolates, napkins, picnic blanket, candle sticks, couples devotional, etc.) It would depend on local prices if it could fit your price range or not.

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