Weddings: Standard Gift Ideas
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    Default Weddings: Standard Gift Ideas

    Viewing other threads discussing wedding gifts, I was sifting through what others give as their "standard" gift and saw these ideas, are there other ideas out there that we can list?

    $35-40 Safe from Walmart/Target
    Monogrammed pillowcases and pillows
    Gift basket filled with soaps and towels
    Personalized Christmas ornaments
    High-end clearance inventory like expensive glasses or sheets from Nordstrom's, Macy's and the like

    I think I'll pick two levels ($75-100 close friends and relatives vs. $40-50 co-workers and distant relatives) and try to "standardize" my wedding and milestone anniversary gift-giving in an effort to save some hassle and ca$h.

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    Standard gifts are usually kitchen appliances and bed linens then comes the knick knacky stuff - vases, picture frames etc.

    Most standard gift that isn't a physical gift - cash, enough to cover the price of your meal - this depends on your budget and/or venue. If you want to add the aspect of culture/family into this - you could be expected to give more then just covering the cost of your plate.

    I give what I think is appropriate - something based on how well I know the couple. Could be a gift certificate for an 'experience' vs something physical, expensive alcohol, gift basket of gourmet treats, money, housewares that they've listed on their registry or a donation in their name for charity. All depends on the couple. Its even better when you can find great deals on these items.


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    i was just at a wedding for my niece we gave 200 but only because our card was from us and all 5 of the kids - i knew that wasnt cheap it was a beautiful venue and they could have eliminated cousins under a certain age to save money and i appreciated the fact that all the kids got to go esp since they met in HS went thru college worked a few years and didnt move in before they got married etc i just felt it showed that one can do it the old fashioned way if they want despite what else is happening in the world as the new norm .

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    One of the most well received gifts we've given was to my GF and her husband. It was a pair of antique crystal taper candle holders for her Mother's formal dining room furniture she inherited. They were not expensive, worth far more than we paid.

    Antique shops, flea markets and yard sales can yield some wonderful pieces. Most people I know would be thrilled with an antique piece provided you included a history/identified the piece with the gift. Easy to shop for year round to keep on your gift shelf.

    I've snagged quite a few pieces dirt cheap over the years. My favorite was an old juicer pitcher with juice glasses. It has a juicer in the lid of the pitcher and is white with green, yellow and orange citrus slices on it and the glasses. I paid $5 for a perfectly pristine set. It's worth a bundle, never been able to part with it even though it was meant as a stock wedding gift.

    Certain pieces are just a given, bowls, compotes, cake plates, pitchers, serving platters, tureens, glass baskets, candle sticks, salt dishes, decanters, etc.. Run your hand over each piece, especially the rims and edges to feel for nicks and chips prior to purchase. If vintage/antique glassware is new to you, just browse a few antique glassware sites, you'll soon get a feel for it.

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    My gifts depend on the people that is getting them. If they are a very young couple that is just starting out, I would give something for the kitchen usually a really nice Pyrex set, a cook book or 2 and maybe a Gift Certificate to walmart. If it is someone in the family I make a print out of a few family recipes to go with it.

    If it is an older couple who are perhaps working on their 2 or 3 wedding I give a card with a giftcard at most.

    I try to remind myself that a wedding gift is supposed to help the couple set up house and start out in the world when I am deciding.

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