Article: 10 Wedding Favors Ideas
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    Default Article: 10 Wedding Favors Ideas

    1. Deck of Cards - Have your photos imprinted on a plain deck of cards.

    2. Bookmarks - Create bookmarks with a graphic at the top or use your engagement picture. Type in a short poem and add your wedding date. You can pick up plain bookmarks at local craft stores and print them off on a color printer.

    3. Seashells - Spend a day at the beach gathering interesting seashells. Decorate each one with ribbon and dried flowers.

    4. Message in a Bottle - Buy cheap bottles at a Dollar Store or craft store. Fill part way with confetti. Create a small, hand written scroll with a special message to your guests. Roll up and place in the bottle.

    5. Gourmet Coffee Packs - Buy a special flavor of gourmet coffee. Place enough in small plastic bags to make one pot of coffee. Tie the end up with ribbon. Add a sprig of flowers and a gift tag.

    6. Fortune Cookies - Buy fortune cookies at a local grocery store. Carefully remove the message with tweezers, then insert your own messagesinside. Place 2 or 3 cookies on a circle of tulle and tie up with a colorful ribbon.

    7. Origami Figure - Pick up a book on origami (Chinese paper folding) at your local library and buy some beautiful origami paper from a local craft store in your wedding colors. Create a figure that reflects your wedding theme and give one to each of your guests.

    8. Liquors - Purchase those small bottles of sample liquors found near the checkout of most liquor stores. Tie a ribbon and message around the neck of the bottle.

    9. Personalized Candy Bars - Buy flat candy bars (like a plain Hershey's chocolate bar). Measure the wrapper on the bar and figure out where the section of the wrapper would be on the top of the chocolate bar. On the computer, create a design or special saying within the top area. Type in your names and wedding date as well. Print out the design and cut to fit if necessary and wrap the bar in its new cover. Use a glue stick to
    secure the ends along the back.

    10. Tree Seedlings - You can purchase small tree seedlings from your local nursery. Tie a ribbon around the pot and include a message that asks your guests to plant their trees so they can grow, just as your love will grow.

    Rose Smith is the author of How to Create a Beautiful Medieval Wedding and several other wedding booklets. Visit Wedding Themes and More for great ideas on theme weddings, favor ideas,
    budget tips, honeymoon destinations, decorations and more.

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    I'm getting married in September and really like the idea of small seedlings for a wedding favor. We are getting married in a woodland setting and it would go perfect.

    I wasn't going to give favours because they just usually end up in the garbage and I feel it would be a real waste. Instead I was considering a donation to a charity. I really like the idea of the seedlings because it could be considered as a donation to the planet.


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    Great ideas!

    Hannah, nice to see you! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, the setting sounds beautiful!! Have a wonderful day!!

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