My Frugal Wedding I Hope
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    Default My Frugal Wedding I Hope

    Date set June 30th 2007
    Getting married in church hopefully. Need to get ahold of my pastor and set things in motion. ( decided against outside wedding )
    I am looking for a white suit instead of gown
    Will make my own veil . ( want a hat with the veil on it )
    The guys will be in black suits with medium bule shirts and white ties.
    My ladies will be in suits alos ( medium blue )
    Having my neice do my flowers when shes up next Christmas.
    Looking for the other stuff on sale
    Hope no one minds this hear its helping me keep it under
    control and focused....

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    congrats on your wedding to you and your future hubby!

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    My nephew and wife just had a lovely, lovely church wedding for $3,000 ($500 of this was the photographer). It can be done! You are not starting too soon with your planning. That's the best savings tactic!

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    The only thing not frugal will be the reception .
    We are not sure where it will be yet. ( know it will not be at my sisters or his aunts )

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    Congrats on your upcoming Wedding!

    You've should be able to have a great Wedding even if it's going to be a bit frugal! &

    I'm not sure if State Farm is still giving out the FREE WEDDING PLANNERS I got one a few years ago, which I ordered for my friend.

    I ordered myself the FREE BABY BOOK.

    DH & I had a very unusual type of Wedding which wasn't that expensive since we couldn't afford alot & his parents helped us w/most of it!

    We got married on the beach in Glen Cove DH hometown in Morgan's Park @ the gazebo really kinda different. Ma did house cleaning for a Cantor & he married us as a gift, since he knew we've been together since 1985 & finally ready to get married in 1993.

    DH Aunts & Uncle own a flower shop so they made ALL the flower arrangements for the tables & my bouquet was a bit different than the bridesmaids ones. We all had orchids though!

    DH brother did my hair & makeup he has a salon in MA.

    I bought a bridal gown @ a discount price under $100 from a shop's clearance rack & the hat w/the veil cost me a bit more but everyone said I looked soo pretty & looked like a southern belle!

    The bridesmaid gowns were all shades of teal which cost only $50 each except for my best friend Kristel who bought her gown @ a different bridal shop paid over $300 for hers & my friend Karen who was Maid of Honor got the same dress for $50.

    I had to buy a slip @ David's Bridal which I think wasn't too expensive & DH cousin borrowed it for her Wedding!

    DH bought a new suit he didn't wear a tux!

    I couldn't make Kristel Maid of Honor since she would be asking me what to do & Karen knew exactly what had to be done.

    It's stressful enough & having her stress me out more I just couldn't handle right then on this important day!

    DH & I didn't rent a limo, we used our VW Dunne Buggy which DH had painted purple for me (my favorite color) His Dad drove the bridesmaids in his VW Vanagon. After the ceremony was over & DH & I were on our way into the hall DH had to change from shoes to his brand new NIKE sneakers.

    I got to plan the Wedding all he wanted was to wear his sneakers & drive his Dunne Buggy!

    We had a buffet dinner @ a catering hall which was really pretty w/mirrors on the walls, etc.

    We ordered the cake from our local bakery who knew us both of our families & delivered it also. We had a gazebo put on the top it looked really pretty!

    They said if we didn't want to save the top of the cake for our 1st Anniversary since it was whipped cream icing & may taste funny they'd bake us another one in a year to celebrate!

    Everyone really thought our Wedding was very unique but lots of fun!

    We had a DJ, didn't hire a photographer since everyone was taking pics for us & my friend Karen's DH took a video @ the hall.

    DH Aunt made us an album of all her pics...Ummm now all we need to do is pick which pics we really like the most & make a huge Wedding type album w/them.

    We never got to go on a real HONEYMOON just stayed @ a Howard Johnsons motel overnight, funny thing that's the town I live in now! Really close by except the name changed & it's called some INN now!

    DH & I never got to eat much so we were quite hungry & we went to FIRESIDE Deli to get a bucket of chicken it was in walking distance.

    We opened up all our gifts & it was a really exhausting day we were soo tired & didn't even have sex.

    A few days later DH parents went on a trip to HAWAII & we had the whole house to ourselves we had lots of construction to do since we had to tear down a wall & expand our space from 2 rooms into one huge room!

    Dendrobium Orchid

    Name: Also known as the Singapore Orchid

    Description: Sprays of 10-12 dainty flowers on slender stems, often like daffodils in shape.

    Colour: Available in creamy white, bright magenta purple, pink, green, red and some striped.

    Availability: All year round.

    Family: Dendrobiums are just one species of orchid. There are over 250,000 different orchid species and hybrids known. The most decorative have been bred for cut flower use.

    Care Tips: Like most orchids they are very long-lasting both on the plant and once cut, looking fresh for up to three weeks or more. Faded flowers on the bottom of the stem can be removed to encourage upper buds to open

    Facts: Dendrobium orchids used to be considered exotic and extravagant but in recent years they have become much more widely available. They still ooze glamour and elegance, with just a couple of stems adding a sophisticated touch to a room

    DENDROBIUM (den-DRO-bee-um)
    Dendrobiums are among the most commonly encountered orchids in the retail trade today. This is a large genus of over 1,000 species, ranging from India and Sri Lanka, eastward to Japan and southward through the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, to Australia, the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand. The Dendrobium is extremely variable. They are mostly epiphytes and lithophytes, growing in various conditions from cool to warm, shade to full sun. Therefore, it is essential to study the natural habitat of the plant to understand how to care for the plant.

    We wanted to have a Hawaiian Wedding but that would be very expensive & not all of our family would fly out there.

    Ma always said DH & I should of gotten married there when I won the trip back in 1988.

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    Post I found the FREE Wedding Planner LINK!

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    Thanks a bunch
    A lot of info to check out.

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    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

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