Help! Wedding ideas please
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    Question Help! Wedding ideas please

    My SIL just got married in Jamaica and we'll be going back soon for they're seperate reception. I need help with wedding present ideas. They've been living together for about two years so they have everything they need for their house. They're pretty well off, so I didn't know if I really just wanted to give them money. I'd really like it to be a present they both can enjoy. Any idea?

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    How about a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant?

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    How about a swift kick in the pants? Just kidding, of course... (remember, 3pups is my sister)

    ~ A copy of The Total Money Makeover
    ~ Your favorite cookbook
    ~ A household hints book (ideas you've collected)
    ~ Another dog - kidding again!

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    Monogrammed towels?

    Picture frames with name and wedding date engraved?

    If you're crafty - make a nice wedding album for their pictures.

    Someone got me the Norman Rockwell print of a couple getting their marriage license. It's cute, and still hangs in my house - 25 years later.

    A basket of candles for the bride and groom

    A basket of candles that come in a pair
    Of all the different colors, for you two to share
    The white ones burn first; they are wrapped in white lace
    To celebrate the first night in your new chosen place
    The green pair is taller and much more thinner
    They are to burn with your first company over for dinner
    There are candles to burn Christmas Eve, before bed
    Your first Christmas married, that’s why they are green and red
    The navy candles are for after your very first fight
    Use them to burn when making up all night
    Pink candles will now set the mood and pave the way
    For you first married Valentine ’s Day
    Now when your first year of marriage is finally through
    The cream anniversary pair will light for you two
    By this time we hope, just maybe
    You could burn the purple ones on the birth of your first baby
    And just when you thought you could put them away
    Take the light blue ones out for your fifth anniversary day
    Now for one more left for the big 25
    The anniversary pair that will keep your love alive
    To congratulations both of you on the start of your forever
    May the two of you always be happy together
    And burn these candles just the way we said
    But please don’t forget to blow them out before bed.

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    Theatre tickets, do they have a hobby they share?, lift tickets if they ski, movie gift card and restaraunt gift card for a date night, favorite perfume and cologne, a throw blanket with their wedding date embroidered, are they religious? Some sort of a wedding blessing print, I know the vatican does them signed by the pope, a gift card for a professional photo of the 2 of them, or pick up the tab for the photographer at the wedding, a bottle of wine they normally wouldn't splurge so much on.... These are all things I would like!

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