Planning a frugal wedding reception!
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    Default Planning a frugal wedding reception!

    No $20,000 ceremony/reception for us!

    We've decided to have the ceremony at future DH's church on Sunday immediately after the regular morning service. After we started working on a guest list, we realized it was everyone at the church, so why not! It's a small congregation, he's active in the church, grew up in it and everyone would want to see him married. It's 2000 miles from where I live, my parents are deceased, so I'm going to have very few people from 'my' side there.

    I've got the details for the ceremony figured out, but the biggest hurdle comes from the reception. We'll be having the reception immediately after the service in the church's fellowship hall. Since we're doing the ceremony immediately after the service, it'll hit right at lunchtime. I've come up with 3 possibilities so far: have a 'tea' reception with some finger foods, punch, lemonade, fruit tea; have a cake and punch reception with the cake, punch, mints, nuts; or another possibility is to have a potluck reception. Potlucks are something the church has all the time and as I said, it's a small family-atmosphere church. I've already had one member offer to host me in her home instead of my getting a hotel.

    Future DH is wanting the cake and punch because he's got a romantic dinner for the two of us planned for that evening and wants us to enjoy it. My personal feeling is people are going to want to hang around a bit and visit after the service, but if there's only cake and punch that's not likely. I've thought of adding a bit more food to the cake and punch, but then I'm back to the 'tea' reception. Not to mention the logistics of coordinating this from 2000 miles away.

    Anyway, anyone got any input/suggestions?

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    I'm thinking on the ideas but wanted to hop in and say Congratulations!

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    Congratulations. I know how frustrating it can be to plan something so far away. I am in the process of planning my wedding in Jamaica.

    You could certainly stick with the main theme of cake and punch, but have some finger foods around for those who need a little more since it is lunch time. I think you could add those without turning it into a "tea" event. JMO.

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    I think cake & punch and maybe coffee and cookies would work. People will linger and visit but it won't strain you too much with having to travel and plan.

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