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    Default west LA area!

    hi everyone! i was just looking for other fellow Angelinos who are on this site. if there are any, where are you from and how do you manage the expensive cost of living out here?

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    Hello. I am from Diamond Bar. Where are you at? It depends where you live here. But some money saving things we do. My husband takes the bus. Most workplaces get incentive money for people to carpool, bus,bike, or walk. He drives 5miles to a park and ride and then takes an express bus. The bus is free because the workplace gives a rebate for bus riders. I shop at asian food stores,99cent only stores and winco, besides the loss leaders at the big chains. There are some wholesale produce places that are really cheap. So food is one area you can save on. The one that is hard is rent or house payments and taxes of course are some of the highest in the nation. But if you want to work you can usually find something. it my not pay the best. There is also a neighborhood for Californians on this board.

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