what did you get free from freecycle or freenapkin
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    Default what did you get free from freecycle or freenapkin

    im curious what goodies you guys have found

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    well i give away a lot more than i get but i have got ( mind you this is over 5 years at least )

    kitchen table set and dinnerware mugs plates cups etc coffeemaker for my oldest sons college apt ( which he gave away 3 years later )

    an older model ( 70s i think ) sewing machine that drops down into a sewing table that the side is hinged to fold over and give it a regular table appearance that i use as a decorative table in my diningroom when its not being used

    american girl books that smelled very musty but i put in a bag with baking soda for a month an dthey came out fine- wrapped them with a nice ribbon for my now 14 yo for christmas a few years back- i re- freecycled them this past fall when she had outgrown them .

    i was looking for a breadmaker when my 10 yo was about 3 due to food allergies i wanted to make bread i got a brand new in box toaster oven / breadmaker that someone had had in their garage for 2 years - was a wedding present they didnt need or use.

    old issues of oprah magazine - about 3 years worth .
    and vintage womans day and such magazines from the late 60s and 70s- they were fun to read.

    a black long prom dress with matching bag
    i am sure some other things i am not thinking of right now

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    Drinkware. Also sheets.

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