How to write a book?
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    Default How to write a book?

    Has anyone here written one?

    and how do formulate the plan?

    I have the idea; and have been working on an outline; but not sure what to do next?

    Any idea's, suggestion's would be appreciated...

    Do you approach publisher's before the final writing or with a draft? Is self publishing worth anything; other than a professor that makes it mandatory for class?

    My book would not be class related, since I have not graduated yet; but I know I have a story to tell to many.

    Working on title but thoughts are:

    after diagnosis

    family of those diagnosed....

    still working on that the book would be based on how to deal with the doctors and being diagnosed;
    and what to do to ensure the best treatment; and how to help you or your family member(s)...

    If anyone has any advice; I would greatly appreciate it....

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    Hit your local library. We have a very small library (blame that on being in a small town), but they had a HUGE reference section for writers. There were guides for writing every book imaginable!

    It helped me when I first started working on my book (which is still a work in progress).

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    I think the process varies by author. A friend of mine outlined her entire novel before writing it. I just sat down and wrote mine, and the story changed and evolved as I went. I don't know if I would have felt as free in my writing if I was bound by an outline. Again, though, it varies by author.

    Some agents say you must have a finished manuscript before querying them, others say that it doesn't have to be done. Pick up the 2009 Guide to Literary Agents to find names.

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    I self-published my books, but had a ready market in the homeschooling community.

    I think it might be valuable to send up a test balloon by turning a topic or two into magazine articles. There are ready-made groups of readers there, most with a bias toward your subject. Much easier to sell, too.

    It seems like you are writing a health / disease related piece, you might market it to lay people AS WELL AS the health care community (from the point of view of 'this is what it's like from the other side')

    There is generally a physician and a nursing organization for any specialty you might imagine. Could your idea be turned into educational material that a doctor or nurse might hand out to their patients???

    Just some thoughts - good luck with your project!!!

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    Smile Book in a month

    I just got a book called "Book in a Month", written by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, PhD. It says it's a full proff system for writing a novel in 30 days. (As long as you commit, of course.) It's an intense workbook and guide for how to do it, step by step from character outlines, plotting, everything. I'm starting it this week and I'm excited about it.

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