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    Lightbulb Thinking of Writing

    I was surprized to find that there are so many resources on the web to help you get started freelance writing. Not that I am saying I am a writer by any means, but I never give up hope that one day there just might be a story in me worth coming out.

    Two sites that I found especially interesting are

    Writers weekly has a nice section on warnings of where you might want to stay away from when thinking of sending in articles.

    Of course, both have lots of books you can purchase. However, I still found them to be good sites and worth checking out if writing for $$ interests you.

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    good luck on that.

    i'm a writer myself.

    gotta few books, mostly compilations of this & that & a few short stories & a novel I'm working on.

    i figure one day when I actually have my _own_ money I'll send 'em off for publishing. not hoping for any big profit... just something i always wanted to do....
    but then i ought to know by now anything i've ever wanted to do... just doesnt get done.

    whatever i want isnt important anymore... it's about working to make sure everyone else is happy, comfy & all that great stuff.

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    Writing is something I've considered from time to time, too. Thanks for sharing the good links you've found!

    Maybe we should all get together and publish a village book of short stories or something.

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