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    Arrow Journalling

    Do you journal your thoughts and feelings each day or on a weekly basis? Do you have a special journal? Do you allow others to read it or is it just for your thoughts?

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    I write down my thoughts, plus special things I do, what I'm doing in my garden, who visits me, where I go when I leave home for a short periods and anything else I think of that I might want to remember in a few years time.

    I have a journal, a garden journal and a journal I share with Kathleen, my best friend. We take it in turns to keep the journal and we write in it what we are doing, we draw things, stick in pieces of newspaper clippings and anything we think is interesting. It's used for provoking discussion between us as well as a healthy record of our friendship. We've kept it now since 1993 and when I look back through it, it makes me laugh and cry and I think it's one of the most precious things i have. Erm, it's called "The Book of Shadows" lol!

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    I have a paper journal and an online journal. I write in the paper one about 4 times a week. It is for my eyes only!

    The online journal is read by a couple of friends of mine. Nobody else knows about it. I write in it almost everyday.

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