Do you enjoy writing poetry?
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    Question Do you enjoy writing poetry?

    I love reading poetry of any kind, but when it comes to writing my own that is another story.

    How about you?

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    I love reading good poetry. It sends me to another world. My favourite poet is Rilke, but I also love TS Elliot's The Wasteland:

    "April is the cruellest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain."

    How anyone isn't moved by those lines I fail to comprehend.

    Of the modern poets I like Leonard Cohen, Alan Ginsberg and some of the Beats.

    I used to write poetry when I was younger but haven't tried for many years.

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    I like to read poetry and I've also written a little but nothing I've kept! I've written some funny verse and some serious.


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    I like some nature based poetry. At large I find most poetry annoying as it makes me work to find meaning. To me, poetry should make my heart sing not make me go ~Huh?

    Rhonda, I do like the poem you posted. Very moving.

    I don't write poetry.

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    I'm very selective over the prose/poetry I will read... however, I can sit down any time of day/night & spin out something new... Got several books with just my writings in them. I guess parts of them could be considered "journal writing" - as I'd rather throw those away - but I cant as horrible as they may seem to me now, they meant something at one point in time & others have expressed interest & familiarity with them.

    I just keep on chucking out new stuff...

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