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Yellow Xanax Bar
A Xanax bar is a prescription medication that gives those who are suffering from anxiety. The street name of this drug is Alprazolam. It relaxes a person by slowing the central nervous system as other benzodiazepines do. It works quickly and very effectively. This medicine is too helpful for those people who are suffering from panic attacks and different types of anxiety. This drug contains a high relaxing effect that also made it a popular entertaining drug among drug-addicted people. It contributes to high rates of Xanax abuse and addiction.

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About Xanax Bars
Xanax comes in several different forms of strength. It comes in different colors. Different colors show different power of Xanax. Tablets printed R 0 3 9 on it are yellow in color, rectangle in shape, and 2mg in strength. Yellow Xanax bars are also sold in 0.5 mg strength by some manufacturers. The highest intensity of the Xanax bar is 3mg comes in extended-release tablets, triangular in shape, and green in color. Because of the wide variety of strengths, it should never be taken by anyone without consulting to doctor. The health care professions can only suggest the actual dose that is perfect for you and required according to your body need.

Before taking Xanax :
Xanax bars should be taken exactly as directed by the doctor. It comes in tablet form and accompanied by mouth with or without food. If you feel your stomach has gone upset after taking Xanax without food, then you can take it along with food. Do not eat grapefruit or take this medicine with grapefruit juice during your Xanax therapy. If you miss any dose, take it as soon as you remember but do not take the missed dose if the next dose is almost near. For the more positive effect of Xanax, take it the same as your doctor prescribes you.

Precautions :
Do not take it in excess, overdosing of Xanax may be harmful to you or make you addicted to it. Since it is habit-forming in nature, so be aware it should be taken for the short-term. Long-term use of this medication may put you in addiction or show some severe side-effects in the result. Do not use Xanax bars with alcohol; it may show some unexpected results or may cause you to death. This medication may show some side-effect like you may feel drowsiness, sleepy, tired, the problem in breathing or slow breathing, etc. Go to your doctor and consult with him. Since it may cause drowsiness, therefore, do not participate in such activities that require mental alertness. Smoking is also harmful during Xanax therapy; it decreases the level of the drug in our blood. The reaction of Xanax may differ from person to person, so if you feel anything abnormal after taking this medicine, stop using it and go to your doctor and get further direction to use this medication.


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