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  1. What's for dinner
    fried chicken mashed potatoes corn Pumpkin pie
  2. Tightwad Tuesday
    Good morning everyone! :)
  3. Home and family challenges
    Just listing the 5 most important things for now that I need to get done today, may add more later ... - Do face/get dressed - Gather all bible study things in one place - Prayer time - Read & listen to 1 chapter in bible - Write in 10 leads Have a good day!
  4. What's for dinner
    Apricot Chicken, rice, carrots and bean. Dessert - lots of lo's in the fridge
  5. Discount Stores
    Buy $10 in grocery items and use your $0.01 coupon for Publix Coffee this week
  6. What's for dinner
    I have a bit of leftover cooked ground beef and a little bit of pepperoni so I'll be putting that on some homemade pizza dough with mushrooms, sauce & cheese. :pizza: Cowabunga Dudes & Dudettes!! :turtle:
  7. Lifestyle challenges
    I thought I would get this started. This weekend I did the following. - washed a ton of ziploc baggies - hung a load of laundry, although I had to dry 2 loads - had breakfast for dinner tonight - eat lots of veggies from our garden - no heat or ac, although I am about to cave on the heat, it...
  8. What's for dinner
    Making homemade pizza tonight. Making Sausage pizza, and one with all the works, except anchovies. What are you having? I love it when it is finally cool enough to have the oven going and it helps heat the house. Just hate when the furnace kicks on.
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Hadda start this new one as I'm making a big lunch for my family today. Invited two of my sis's and my mom and dad for lunch. Making: Enchiladas, beef and cheese Refried Beans Spanish Rice Hopefully starting a new tradition. My sis's and I use to eat out together at least once a week. It...
  10. Just Tips
    From Tightwad Gazette III If your glasses have plastic lenses and are scratched, try spraying them with Lemon Pledge, spreading it gently over both sides of each lens, and then wiping with a soft cloth. The furniture polish fills in some of the scratches and improves your vision without the...
1-10 of 10 Results