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  1. General Chat
    will be here today or tomorrow. ds called and said she is having pains every 5-6 minutes, they woke her up and made her yell. yippeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Simple Living
    I picked tomatoes this morning. There is nothing that I like better than feeling warm home grown tomatoes in my hand and smelling the unique smell of a tomato bush. That sums up gardening for me - that feel and that smell. I try to pick my tomatoes while they are still green because if I let...
  3. Simple Living
    S ~ simple living means living for the moment. I ~ I will live each day as if it was my last. M ~ My challenge today will be to do exactly the same as I am, only in different words. P ~ there are people all around me who could use a smile or a simple hello. L ~ living simple is oh so...
  4. Quilting
    I totally forgot to post this on Friday, so I'm doing it today. Today is the final day. You may not be able to post a picture of this one. If you can't find a picture after trying, then just post the link. Here is today's clue wnzaaak Good luck!!
  5. Quilting
    When purchasing material for a quilt, purchase your thread at the same time. First, you always have some on hand and second, you don't want to run out of the color you might be using and find there no longer is that color. If you are using only 100% cotton, then you need 100% cotton thread...
  6. General Chat
    Were now at game #10 and sooner or later I have to get some quilting in there. Its a passion of mine so the question today is. How many fat quarters do I have in my fat quarters cupboard. The one guessing the exact amount or coming closest to what I have without going over wins a ornament...
1-6 of 7 Results