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  1. Simple Sunday
    Happy Sunday! I did a lot of housework yesterday so today I just need to do some quick cleans today. The livingroom especially got a good cleaning, even the cobwebs up in the tippy top windows where it's open 2 stories high. Looks good and the spiders were all running screaming, did ya hear 'em...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    :dancing::bdaypty: to MLSMOM, valerian, and Marilyn Jaegly. In honor of your specail day I'm baking a cake.:chef: Cat
  3. Saving Saturday
    Today is busy any way you look at it! DH is taking DD#4 and DS to swim practice and to their jobs teaching swim lessons Need to hit WalMart for a few more items for our Operation Christmas Child boxes which are due tomorrow Going to put one more load of laundry in before I head out to work a...
  4. What's for dinner
    Hot again, sounding like a broken record! So we are heading to the beach for a swim whem DBF gets off work. Will have a sausage sizzle (including friend onions mmmm) afterwards at the park.
  5. Home and family challenges
    Okay, will make a list for now and hope I have enough energy to work on it tomorrow. *lol* Have a nice day! :) Clean toilet Call my sister Comment on 10 blogs Re-copy bible verses Finish coaster set/Carol Clean out one desktop folder Write a blog post Try to call Pat & Kathy Do study...
  6. What's for dinner
    Spaghetti Bolognaise and Garlic Bread
  7. Simple Living
    ~DD18 passed her College Algebra test ~DD17 finished her project early and will get bonus points ~slept well last night ~laundry is caught up ~paid surveys
  8. What's for dinner
    Tonight I am finally making the Cheesy chicken and vegetable bake...what's everyone else having?? :chef2:
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Today for lunch the kids and I had chicken nuggets and seasoned french fries chicken nuggets 1.98 / 2 (only used a half box for the three of us) = .98 french fries 1.50 /2 (again, only a half bag) =.75 .98 + .75 = 1.73 for our lunch OR about .57 each without drinks (kids had koolaide, i had...
  10. Simple Living
    ~prayer ~coffee ~dinner in the crockpot ~Dh painting the trim on our house
  11. What's for dinner
    We are having Scalloped potatoes and chicken in the crockpot and cooked carrots. Maybe eclairs of cookies for dessert if I get motivated to bake.
  12. Religion
    But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15b (NIV)
  13. What's for dinner
    We are having a frugal favorite here. Pinto Beans seasoned with bacon Fried Potatoes Cornbread I am making cookies this afternoon so that will be dessert. I made 4 dozen snickerdoodles yesterday afternoon and this afternoon I will be baking chocolate chip cookies. Have a great Thursday...
  14. Just Tips
    Make your own flexible ice packs. Pour 3/4 cup water and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol into a zip-type plastic bag and close. Put zipped bag into another bag, seal, and freeze. You will have a slushy bag of ice whenever needed for sprains, headaches, or whatever.
  15. Home and family challenges
    Good morning! Today we will be vacuumming out our sofas and chairs! Lift up those cushions and get out those attachments! That's what they are for!!! Any loose change goes in the change jar! Dollar bills are finders keepers. How much money did you find?? While we are in the Living...
1-15 of 15 Results