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  1. Simple Living
    I stayed at home most of today after going to the store to buy DH a Father's Day gift for tomorrow. The DKs bought him the Jack Nicholson DVD "ABout Schmitt". It's about a 60-something who retires and goes nuts. He should relate.:toothy: I bought him the last Ray Charles CD that was recorded...
  2. Quilting
    Always make sure when quilting you have good lighting. If not, you'll see your colors as different than they truly are and your end result may not be what you thought it would be. Lighting is very important, because colors tend to change if you don't have good lighting. A red can look...
  3. General Chat
    My house to dh's workshop. The one who guesses right on or closest to not going over wins a Christmas ornament from me. Were awfully close to game #12 tomorrow and then a surprise along with that. We have great prizes for game 12 donated by a few of our members and its going to be...
1-3 of 3 Results