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  1. Question and Answer
    As far as I can figure out the average person is going to recieve about an extra $13 per week because of the new tax cuts that go into effect in April. That's about $52 a month. Any one got a great idea what to do with it?
  2. Freebies Time to unwind and rewind with this low-tech cassette tote bag. Full-color printed flexible plastic, complete with handles that look like the tape is unraveling (didn't you just hate it when that happened?). Casual and roomy, the...
  3. Freebies Offer good while supplies last, first 20,000 requests L'oreal's HiP Pigments Flawless Liquid Makeup Go to the site, look at the bottom right-hand corner for "free sample, value up to $13".
1-3 of 3 Results