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  1. Health and beauty
    This past week I lost 2 lbs. Thats 4 lbs. since 01/01/04 How is everyone else doing?
  2. Health and beauty
    Dh and I are going back on the induction phase of Atkins. I have eaten too much over the holidays and my fast paced lifestyle has made me a victim of the fast food monster. I am going to slim down again. Once I get past the two weeks of induction, then we will modify this program by adding a...
  3. Quilting
    Its been awhile but with all thats gone on with my mom, its taken its tole on me. But were getting back to doing some fun things in the quilting club. Anyone who hasn't joined and wants to, you can sign up in this thread. Here are some of the fun activities will be doing over the next 6...
  4. Simple Living
    ~warm beds when one is cold ~dh is on the mend ~Christmas cookies ~craft sites
  5. Simple Living
    ~for Chelle and the fun project were going ~for the village quilter's and the finished quilt ~for sleepy kids first thing in the morning ~growing kittens and their antics ~friends
  6. Simple Living
    its Friday the dark outside clouds my furnace e-mails
  7. Health challenges
    today i did: ~several tippy-toe thingies (for my calf muscles) ~30 sit-ups ~30 squats ~50 windmills ~45 jumping jacks ~40 step crouches(?) ~walked 8/10 mile (with dh and dks):D was a great day.:D :D
  8. Homesteading and gardening
    Good morning on this beautiful Sunday morning. Its going to be hot today, so were taking the day and going to the lake to visit friends. Woo hoo I'll be gone for most of the day and probably late tonight, will see how it goes with the kids. I managed to get a couple hours of quilting...
  9. Simple Living
    safe trip home last night cooler temperatures hostas in bloom
  10. Simple Living
    - For the village and all that Sara & Gabe do - roses - perennials - homemade bread - smiles in the morning
  11. Frugal Living
    - No money spent today again - No a/c yet - free deer meat for supper Next...
  12. Health challenges
    I did 8 miles on the bike Sat. and did way too much walking. I really paid for it last night with my foot. How did everyone do on Sat.
  13. Health and beauty
    Well I did really well this week. I'm down another 5 lbs. Woohoo. How is everyone else doing?
  14. Homesteading and gardening
    Happy Mother's Day everyone. :smball: :smball: Well seeing as today is Sunday, I'm going to make it a day of rest and not do much around here. It looks like a very promising day, with the sun shining for the first time in 4 days, no rain in the forecast and warmer weather. It got down...
  15. Health challenges
    I did 7 miles again on my bike and walked 1.44 miles just now for a total of 2 miles today (I also walked to the post office this morning). I'm doing really well on my vegetarian diet and feeling better each day. I'm not as tired as the first couple of days and I have no pain in my legs at...
  16. What's for dinner
    Hi, everybody. You can probably tell that I like to talk about food. So, what's for dinner? I have some shredded pork in the crockpot, will add some BBQ sauce. Baked beans and chips on the side. Have a good evening!:)
  17. Health and beauty
    I lost 0.4lbs, for a total of 15.4 lbs! I am hoping for a good week this week, seems as though I alternate with a really good week (last week was 3.2lbs) with a "steady" week! Good luck and keep up the great job ladies!