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  1. Frugal Friday
    Morning all. I have a head cold that is going into my chest. I am taking my meds and trying to rest. Thats about it for me today. I hope you have a good day
  2. What's for dinner
    Meat pies, mash, peas and corn.
  3. What's for dinner
    I have a Rolled Leg of pork in the oven. Will have crispy roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, peas and homemade gravy and of course apple sauce. Still peaches for dessert.
  4. Simple Living
    ~warm, sunny day ~DDs went grocery shopping for me ~DD16 helped me cook spaghetti for supper ~laughter ~income tax rebate
  5. What's for dinner
    I'll be making homemade chicken noodle soup & cheddar biscuits.:vibes:
  6. What's for dinner
    It's cold and snowy here, we're having hubby's homemade stew and fresh baked bread.....
  7. Coupons
    Couopn preview for 2/12 SMARTSOURCE (2/12) Benadryl Product $1 (4-2-06) Bengay Product $1 (12-31-06) Berry Lucky Charms Cereal .50 (3-26-06) Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes .50/2 (4-9-06) Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers Fruit Flavored Snacks .75 (4-9-06) Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the...
  8. What's for dinner
    We're having Cheeseburgers cooked on the grill & Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad. What about you? Any baking going on today?
  9. Freebies
    7 day coupons Scott Tissue, 1000 sheet roll, 2/$1. I have $1/8 from 1/16 SS, are the blinkies still good? Wrigley's PlenTPak, .59, B1G1F 1/9 V St Ives Lotion, 2 - 3 oz .79, I don't get those coupons here, are there any? Sales L'Oreal Color Pulse, $4.99, - $1 ES c/o, - $2 c/o 2/6 V = $1.99...
  10. Education
    Have a scavenger hunt!Make a list of items in the house for your kids to find,gather them in a plastic grocery bag,whoever finds them all first wins.After its done make something out of what you found.
  11. Just Tips
    Most of us already do this, but look at the savings. Wash your clothes in cold water using cold-water detergents whenever possible. Washing laundry with a hot/hot cycle versus a cold/cold cycle increases the cost over 1700%.
1-11 of 11 Results