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  1. For Sale or Trade
    For sale 21 gently used paperback regency romance novels. Not sure of exact shipping, but the box weighed 6.5 lbs when it was sent to me a couple years ago. Authors include: Martha Kirkland Sydney Ann Clary Alana Clayton Debbie Raleigh (multiple titles) Tracy Cozzens Joy Reed Nancy Lawrence...
  2. General Chat
    Here is an interesting video.
  3. Money challenges
    SHARE is a grocery co-op that is not a charity, but it is run by churches and other charitable organizations. (More info at Inspired by the $21 challenge, can you take the $21 regular package for October ... and make interesting/nutrititios meals from it? How many...
  4. Money challenges
    or, how low can you go? I was thinking about how everything is costing more and more and how it's getting harder to stay on our grocery budget right now. so, I thought that I would challenge you to spend just $21 to feed a family of four for a full week! Yes, it CAN be done, believe it or...
1-4 of 4 Results