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  1. What's for dinner
    Hamburgers on the grill (w/cheese) and corn on the cob. Sliced tomatoes. I'm making sure we're good and sick of corn and tomatoes before they are no longer available locally.
  2. General Chat
    I spoke to my girlfriend this afternoon and she gave me the latest on her mom. Mind you the plans are changing on an daily sometimes hourly basis. The plan is as follows. Since her mom is a fighter and refuses to go home with oxygen and a sedentary lifestyle where she would literally not be...
  3. What's for dinner
    Well Brian had a bit of an upset tummy last night so ended up with snags and veg, we'll have the pasta tonight instead.
  4. What's for dinner
    I'm hoping for a BBQ but Brians less than impressed about cooking it. Will see how the day turns out
  5. What's for dinner
    Chicken snitzels, mushroom gravy, potato bake, roast pumpkin and broccoli. mmmmm
  6. What's for dinner
    French Dip Sandwiches in the slow cooker, fruit, and sweet tea.
  7. Frugal Friday
    Im not sure how this goes, but here it is! :D - Spent only $38.04 of $50 weekly budget getting groceries! ($18 left for later on this week, woohoo!) I bought 4 Bags of Starburst Gummies clearanced @ $.69 each, 2 bags of clearanced LifeSavers @ $.50 each, and a XL Kit Kat bar clearanced @ $.59...
  8. What's for dinner
    Pasta Carbonara or Boscaiola and Garlic Bread
  9. What's for dinner
    Tuna Mornay Bake!
  10. What's for dinner
    Roast day today. We are going to mums in the arvo to lay some pavers and it'll be a late day so going to have a roast lunch and then ana easy dinner. Roast Chook, spuds, pumpkin, cauli cheese and hm gravy.
  11. What's for dinner
    French Onion Chicken Casserole. New recipe. Not sure what sides to have with it as I'll be out at drama and want to serve as soon as we get home. Will have to have a think.
  12. Freebies
    Get a free pastry on the morning of March 23 with the purchase of a handcrafted beverage. Come to participating Starbucks on Free Pastry Day, March 23. Choose a delicious pastry to pair with your beverage and that tasty item is free. Better yet, it’s free in another sense – free of all this...
  13. What's for dinner
    Chow mein with hokkien noodles mmmm
  14. What's for dinner
    I'm baaaacccckkkkkk! Rissoles and veg tonight.
  15. What's for dinner
    Corned Beef, vegies and onion and parsley sauce mmmmm
  16. Dave Ramsey
    Dave Ramsey is doing a national "Town Hall for Hope" question and answer session on April 23rd. Looks like it will be interesting.
  17. Kitchen Basics
    This week I am planning: Saturday: Frozen pizza Sunday: BBQ Beef on a bun, coleslaw Monday: Baked bean chili Tuesday: Chili cheese French fries Wednesday : Tacos (kids are both having friends over so buffet style) Thursday: Beef on a bun, coleslaw, fries Friday: Nachos made with last of the...
  18. What's for dinner
    I'm knid of a newbie, but I'm gonna start the thread. :loser::wave2: Prime Rib (Sunday IS splurge day, right?) Homemade bread from yesterdays' baking. Squash Blueberry pie I'm baking this am
  19. Money challenges
    I'm not sure how many of you caught my post a few days ago but for this challenge, you can be in it even if you have to spend money. If it's money spent for necessary items, then I would say that it doesn't count! I'm in again for today ... anyone else? :) Love, Jennelle
  20. Home and family challenges
    Most of these are things that were on Tuesday's list that I didn't get to ... Love, Jennelle * American Idol [p.m.] [ ] Pray Mr. McClain's surgery goes well [ ] Take meds [ ] Check calendar [ ] Check action file [ ] Do face [ ] Get dressed [ ] Make bed [ ] Try to register on Sony website [...
1-20 of 57 Results