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  1. What's for dinner
    We're having red beans and rice.
  2. What's for dinner
    I've got some beef chunks marinating and going to put it on skewers along with some green pepper, mushrooms and onions, and zucchini. And grill. Kebob night.
  3. General Chat
    I will copy/paste part of the message from my friend - it is self-explanatory. Mom's surgery has been put off until at the latest March 14th if not before. The surgeon says its a scheduling problem, that he needs an entire day to devote to her and his first available is the 14th unless other...
  4. What's for dinner
    The leftovers are nearly gone. Just some salads left. Would suggest a bbq to use them up but Brians working til 6pm and that's getting to late to start the bbq. So will get some pork chops out I think and cook them some how and have vegies
  5. What's for dinner
    Roast Pork and veg. Cold and dreary here today so just the thing. Am thinking of making an apple and sultana streudle thing but using my scroll recipe.
  6. What's for dinner
    Corned Beef, mash, pumpkin, peas and white sauce (all out of onions)
  7. What's for dinner
    For DH---brats (no buns) + eggplant parmesan. Me---Tilapia + eggplant parmesan. Maybe some canteloupe if it seems ripe yet.
  8. What's for dinner
    Roast Chook and the usual suspects
  9. What's for dinner
    Marinated lamb chops, mash, pumpkin and broccoli, gravy too.
  10. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    My family and I do this every year. I remember when it was FREE scoop night, but, hey, .31 is quite a great deal! We have even been known from location to location getting ice cream at each location till we're sick! (hey, it's all about building memories!) Be prepared to stand in lines...
  11. What's for dinner
    Rolled Roast Pork, crispy supds, pumpkin, and beans with hm gravy. A coolish day today so might be the day for a baked dessert too.
  12. What's for dinner
    Chicken snitzels and vegies.
  13. What's for dinner
    Finally going to be cooking dinner tonight after eating leftovers for the last few days. Hawaiian chicken snitzels and vegies
  14. What's for dinner
    Roast Beef and vegies
  15. General Chat
    To buy, or not to buy... Saturday November 28th is Buy Nothing Day. It's a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from shopping and anyone can take part provided they spend a day...
  16. Saving Saturday
    It's rainy and cool here. Accomplished: -dressed and face on -coffee/fv -dishwasher started -DS up Yet to do: -take DS to the doc's house for work -go visit my brother -my sis from IL is coming to visit this evening -cook my turkey and dressing, and make some rolls -clean up the kitchen...
  17. Money challenges
    Thought I'd get this started. My goal is for $300.00 and $75.00 for the stockpile. Next..
  18. What's for dinner
    I can't be the first one?!? It's 10:30am! (where I am) Maybe Becci is having her baby? She is usually first. We are having Mediterranean Chicken with tomatoes, olives, and white beans.
  19. General Chat
    I went for a mammo this am :ponder:, and am relaxing and having coffee right now. Going to my dad's this afternoon and see what he needs cleaned in his apt., and then bring home his laundry and do it. Then get to my laundry.
  20. Freebies
    WYSO presents it's Summer Concert Series 2007 at the Antioch Commons located on Corry Street in Yellow Springs. Click here for a map The 4th Saturday of July & August All Concerts begin at 6 PM The concerts are FREE and open to the public! Food, beverage, and gift vendors will be on site...
1-20 of 75 Results