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  1. General Chat
    Ok not sure where to put this, mods feel free to move! Basically I was sitting here and that question popped into my head. What is the the difference between the two? :scratch:
  2. Saving Saturday
    I've got about 3 loads of laundry I'm doing. :laundry: We're going to the IL's today. FIL is home from the extended care. For now. We are going to take their little dog over to see them. We have been taking care of her, since they are no longer able.
  3. Envelope system
    Hey all, We are 2 months into our envelope system, and having created a budget we also have an accordion type thing that holds many other budgeted items (car insurance, clothing, medical, gas, water etc). The 2 core envelopes we are still working on adjustments of are GAS (car) and FOOD...
  4. General Chat
    I just received a text message from my friend. Test tomorrow to get detailed pics of heart to determine what needs to be done. Either stents, open heart bypass, open heart valve replacement or combinations of these 3 things are possible. As you can read, prayers are definitely still needed...
  5. What's for dinner
    Roast Pork, crispy fluffy roast potatoes, honey baken carrots, peas and home made gravy form the juices.
  6. What's for dinner
    Sausage casserole and lots of veg. We've been so busy the last few days that we haven't had vegies and we're craving them. There will be vegies in the gravy plus on the side
  7. What's for dinner
    The steak and potato bake we were meant to have last night
  8. Pregnancy
    And its a BOY! All is well and healthy :) No joke, this is how he was when i had the scan. Upside down, strange child lol. Saying hello
  9. What's for dinner
    Melbourne Cup day here. We'll behaving chicken snitzels with some type of fancy topping probably incorporating bacon and cheese with vegies.
  10. Kids birthdays
    OK, so we went all out and did a big 1st b-day bash at a catering hall for 45 or so family & family friends. This was only because we were in a 1 br apt. at the time. I made a promise that next year would be pizza and cupcakes. Background: we are now in a 3 br and itt will be 20 adults & 2...
  11. Saving Saturday
    Good morning! Hooray for the weekend! :fdance: I have a limited amount of time this morning before we head out again for the weekend. DH moved into his apartment this week 3 hours away from us, and he has to work this weekend. So we're coming to him. :) SO... I have to pack for our...
  12. What's for dinner
    AFL Grand Final take 2 here today. The team drew last week which according tot he silly rule means they have to replay this week. Go Collingwood. Sausages and vegies here. I made a tonne (well 5 batches or various flavours) scrolls yesterday, so cinnamon or jam scrolls with whipped cream for...
  13. What's for dinner
    Honey Chicken Casserole. Think we'll have rice and veg with it tonight
  14. Secondhand Shopping
    Our radiator had crack in it. New one $189---labor $200=$$400+ but my best friends husband took hubby to a pick a part and found a used one for $75 and he didn't charge anything to take the old one out and install a new.. My husband offered him some money refused. But he did say for payment i...
  15. What's for dinner
    Cadets tonight so Tuna Mornay, easy for Randall to heat up when he gets home.
  16. Stepmoms and Second Wives
    Hi Ladies, Several months ago, I met a guy, "Romeo" and we started dating. He told me he had recently split with his ex and was very open about his devotion to his child. This guy is wonderful...he's caring, extremely intelligent, hardworking, understands and agrees with my thoughts on...
  17. What's for dinner
    Roast Chicken, hm stuffing, roast spuds and pumpkin, beans and hm gravy.
  18. What's for dinner
    Tuna mornay pasta bake and garlic bread. Have made some instant Honeycomb mousse too (3 packs for $2.97) and will have that with fruit for dessert.
  19. What's for dinner
    Drama night tonight so Apricot Chicken in the slow cooker with rice and green beans
1-19 of 110 Results