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  1. Tightwad Tuesday
    It's the last day of March! I have to work this morning. When I get home I need to do the usual....laundry, dishwasher, cook supper, etc. I also need to do some treadmill time. And I want to do one project a day....yesterday I cleaned out the fridge. Today, I am going for the filing cabinet.
  2. What's for dinner
    OMG a 1/4 of the years gone already!!!!!! Beef Casserole tonight
  3. What's for dinner
    The soup that I started last night. I has turned out quite thick. I am contemplating thickening it a little and making it into a stew. I know that DBF would prefer stew to soup so might do that.
  4. Kitchen Basics
    (* indicates food from the freezer/pantry) Saturday: Sloppy Joes* Baguette* Coleslaw French fries* Sunday: Roasted chicken Spinach and pasta alfredo* Monday: Beans and wienies* Tuesday: Leftover Pasta - family picks* Wednesday: Crockpot chili* Thursday: Chili dogs Coleslaw Fries* Friday...
  5. What's for dinner
    Ssshh...just me tonight & I'm having either mac & cheese from a box or ramen (Mostly drained and only a smidge of flavor pkg.)with fake crab,mushrooms,cheese & basil. :toothy: I'm leaning towards the ramen. What gour-moo things are you eating?
  6. Simple Living
    --mattresses --a good night's rest --hot mocha drinks to start my day --lots of love --girl friends & our secrets :cowwave:
  7. Lifestyle challenges
    Decided to start this one this week! 3/25/07 ~Washed a load of towels and hung outside to dry! YEAH clothesline ~Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner from freezer/pantry ~sorted and cut coupons as have to make a trip to Walmart or Target today WILL stick to my list and buy only what I have in...
  8. What's for dinner
    I'm making dogs & spuds. It's like scalloped potatoes only with hot dogs instead of ham. The kids love it. I'll probably serve green beans with it.
  9. Freebies
  10. General Chat
    What's in your cd player? In mine is Jack Johnson's On and On cd.
  11. FV Neighborhoods
    Just wanted to remind everyone that the Woman to Woman program will officially end on March 31. However, I hope you've made friendships that will last a life time. I know I have. If you would like to say anything about the program or your buddy in this thread feel free to do so. However...
  12. What's for dinner
    I put a pork roast in the crockpot this morning (my kitchen smells yummy)...also we are having mashed potatoes & gravy & green beans & maybe homemade biscuits if we have bread. What's cooking at your house?
  13. Just Tips
    Slip a folded newspaper through the legs or sleeves of the garment you`re mending so you don`t sew through both layers.
1-13 of 13 Results