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  1. Frugal Friday
    Well, today I'm thinking won't be all that frugal, as I have to go get a couple of social security cards for myself & Austin ... Not looking forward to the long wait. Will be doing my "homework" for my class while I wait. Or at least be reading my book "Getting things done" (helps us...
  2. Frugal Friday
    HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! I certainly hope the weather is nicer where you are (it's grey and rainy here which I normally don't mind but keeps putting off my plans to repaint my window trim!). I don't have much in the way of plans for the day. I want to figure out what I can put in my toilet...
  3. What's for dinner
    What's for dinner, everyone? (I hope it's okay I started the thread - I'm new, but curious!)
  4. What's for dinner
    We having leftovers.... lots of choices to choose from!
  5. General Chat
    I am going to try as best I can to write down the conversation that I had with my friend this morning. Her mom is not better. As my friend sobbed this morning, although her mom is still with them in body, she is no longer like the mom she has always had and loved. The only thing her mom wants...
  6. What's for dinner
    Tonight I think it might be rissoles and veg
  7. What's for dinner
    Marinated Pork Chops and vegies
  8. What's for dinner
    Beef Casserole in the cp
  9. Frugal Friday
    Today is daughters Birthday.So instead of going out to eat and then having cake, I made it at home.She wanted BBQ ribs and the trimmings.It would have cost us 3 plus her best friend around $80 not including cake. So for under $20 bucks im making grilled ribs, corn on the cob,sweet potato's and...
  10. What's for dinner
    Shepherds Pie!
  11. What's for dinner
    Roast Pork and all the usual trimmings. Promised Ethan we'll make cupcakes this morning so will probably have them for dessert and maybe a hot chocolate, so cold here lately
  12. What's for dinner
    Apricot chicken and rice. I plan on making some custard so fruit and custard for dessert, or there is still plenty of baking bits
  13. What's for dinner
    Train Smash mmmmmmmm
  14. What's for dinner
    Meat pie and veg
  15. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Just wanted to share with everyone that this is the 30th wedding anniversary for dh and myself. Whew! We made it! :ring::loop::cheergrl: And yes--we ARE going out to our fav (fairly expensive) restaurant tonight ! :yippee: :lip: :pig: Just a couple of crazy kids with no money in our...
  16. Home Environment
    Today is a "take it easy" day. The tentative plans are: ~go to NH and do Mom's Manicure ~Go to the hospital and visit a neighbor who is in the hopsital ~Sweep Floors ~Finish Up Laundry ~Take a Nap while watching TV Have a Great Day Everyone!
  17. Leisure & Media Arts My best friend and I heard about the concert. She's moving back to NS in the spring, and we decided to splurge and go see this concert in the VIP section. It's on August 30th and will feature Keith Urban, Johnny Reid, Charlie Major and...
  18. What's for dinner
    No one's cooking dinner today? Or maybe y'all are so busy cooking, you haven't had time to post! :sly: Steak Noodles Alfredo Green beans Spice cake with cr. cheese frosting. (martha Stewart recipe) :chef:
  19. Home and family challenges
    Have a nice day! Love, Jennelle [ ] Take meds [ ] Do face [ ] Make bed [ ] Get dressed [ ] Check calendar/action file [ ] Check on Frank [ ] Prayer time [ ] Read my bible [ ] Read few pages in Joyce's book [ ] Put dishes away/clean counter [ ] Call med refills in [...
  20. Money challenges
    No spending for me today! Love, Jennelle
1-20 of 62 Results