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  1. What's for dinner
    I have some leftover sausage & mushrooms that I need to use up so we'll be having sausage, mushroom & cheese omelets with toasted English muffins. :puck:
  2. Tightwad Tuesday
    What do you have planned today? Just general cleaning here, hopefully some sewing, and I need to take Kathryn to the dentist to have a tooth pulled this afternoon. Fifteen bean soup for dinner tonight. I soaked the beans overnight, and I'll be finishing that up this morning so it will be ready...
  3. What's for dinner
    I have beans soaking right now for 15 bean soup. This is a first for us. I'll either make corn bread or biscuits to go with it, as well as salad. :chef2:
  4. What's for dinner
    Tonight will be Sticky Apricot Roast Chicken, crispy roast spuds, roast pumpkin with nutmeg, green beans and homemade gravy (from the juices yum!). Dessert will hopefully be the Raspberry Melting Moments that I plan to make with a hot choc.
  5. Goals and Dreams
    I wrote down my weekly goals for this week. I will be productive and I will see results when each goal is done. My goals for this week is: Do my ammended taxes~ more money for me eventually clean out my car~it's a mess Qualify for weekly bonus through work~ more money Drop off items at...
  6. General Chat
    beth_ct, BCSmall (59), hgsuds (45), missioneddys (42), AndreaSkye (36), TracyH (36), OzarkMama (35), yadanac (35), Ismene (31), moonfairy (29), AlissaJ (26), Jungmin (23)
  7. Simple Living
    ~sleeping in (needed to, my DDs didn't get home from work until after 1 AM, and I can't sleep until they are home) ~nice dinner out with DH ~free strawberries ~Hobby Lobby ~the internet
  8. Lifestyle challenges
    Hope no one minds me starting this week! *Free food at my aunt's house for the family Easter dinner *Resisted buying coffee at church *Using sanitary napkins I got for free *Using heating pad for cramps instead of Thermacare wraps
  9. What's for dinner
    We're having stuffed shells (ricotta, cheese,spinach& spices) with a nice green salad on the side.:) What's cooking at your house?
  10. Health challenges
    Hey How is everyone doing today?? I will be making up some missed time...ds has soccer tonight, so I will walk then. I did a 1 mile watp tape this am.
  11. Just Tips
    Gas mileage Don't carry more than you need. A light load gets much better gas mileage. Clean out heavy items from the trunk, and leave only the spare tire and safety equipment. Don't make your car a mobile warehouse for stuff you can just as easily leave in the garage.
1-11 of 11 Results