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  1. What's for dinner
    Trying a new recipe tonight! Crustless Ham and Spinach Quiche Fresh fruit salad Hawaiian rolls
  2. Simple Sunday
    I'm cooking lunch at home, watching a Monk marathon, knitting for Christmas 2009! Also, watching the wind whip through the's supposed to FREEZE tonight!
  3. What's for dinner
    Chicken and Dumplings. Might make some pumpkin and sunflower scones to have with it instead of the dumplings though. Thinking about making a Banana and Caramel Self Saucing Pud for dessert.
  4. Lifestyle challenges
    ~leftovers for dinner ~laundry out on the line ~lights off ~no a/c on windows open
  5. Simple Living
    ~Spring Break! ~DD17 getting her Senior portraits made ~Sweetarts! (I believe this is my favorite nonchocolate candy!) ~Hobby Lobby ~ice cold water to drink
  6. What's for dinner
    Tonight I am using up some leftover marinara sauce. Just going to toss it with some shell pasta and parmesan.
  7. What's for dinner
    We are having sauerkraut, pork and keilbasa. Its slow cooking in the oven. It's cold here today so I thought it would be a good dish for tonight. I've cooked enough for 2 meals.:munch:
  8. Health and beauty
    I did weigh in on Monday, but forgot to post. I like posting because it has kept me accountable for losing weight or maintaining it. I lost 3 pounds last week!! YEAH!! I am getting so much closer to my goal!!:D
  9. Health challenges
    :bang: I knew I forgot something this morning :bang: Start the challenge thread...oh well I hope you all realize that just because I didn't get the thread started early, you don't get to take the day off!! ROFL ...:toothy: :toothy: I did a 3 mile watp tape 45mins and a brisk outside walk for...
  10. Education
    I need a response from 10 people, please. Which do you like better..... red or blue? Thank you!
  11. Health challenges
    :hungry: Breakfast: Bowl of bran flakes/dried strawberries, milk/water Cool whip, 2 fresh strawberries, couple bites of choc. cake Lunch: Minestrone Soup Grilled cheese/tomato sandwhich Garden salad with fat free ranch (& garbanzo's for protein) Couple bites of choc cake Then planned for the...
  12. Health challenges
    Breakfast 1 Go Gurt Workout 42 min. Yoga (the mtv one) Brunch Turkey bacon (3 slices) Salad Green beans water and o.j. snacks 1 go gurt a few goldfish crackers Dinner about 1/2 of a grilled chicken breast (skinless) salad corn mashed potato's (i ate way too much of the mashed potato's, i...
  13. Just Tips
    Save the dryer sheets from your laundry after they've softened a load of wash. They make great dusting and cleaning cloths for television and computer screens. Not only will they clean the screens, the anti-static properties will treat the screens to repel rather than attract dust.
  14. Health and beauty
    My weigh-ins are on Tuesday, I lost 1/2 pound. Kinda bummed, was really hoping for a pound, oh well, maybe next week! My total is now 17 pounds lost.
1-14 of 14 Results