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  1. Saving Saturday
    Good morning and long time no post again. Not a whole lot happening today, I have to wake DH up in about an hour and then it's off with my coupons for grocery shopping. Once we get back and put everything away I'm going to fix steak and fries for dinner, fold a load of clothes and do dishes...
  2. Frugal Friday
    :coffee3: Beautiful sunny/breezy day! Washed 3 loads of laundry in cold water and hung out. :laundry: It should be dry in no time, we are having gale winds! LOL! Hope I have those clothespins on tight! Other than that---knitting, some reading, fold and put away clothes, make dinner...
  3. What's for dinner
    I have a spicy chicken veg soup in the crockpot today. I will pair that with a grilled cheese for dinner tonight.
  4. Money Articles
    I'm so sorry that I didn't get the thread started for today. Was busy all day ... have an infection in my mouth [my gums] and had to get ahold of the Dr. Then got in, went to my appt. - was given a prescription for an anti-biotic, went to the drug store waited at least 20 minutes ... come...
  5. Home and family challenges
    Well, I tried another way of doing my daily to do list and trying to keep track of it but it didn't work out so good. I posted in on my one yahoo group and had a spreadsheet type thing I saved each day with my list on it and had it on my desktop. The problem? Well - I forgot to look at it...
  6. What's for dinner
    My kids will be gone tonight for dinner. But I am going to cook while they are gone. Making Mushroom Lasagna and Garlic Bread with Salad for myself and then there will be leftovers. :) Will be making the following when the lasagna is cooking. *Stuffed Shells for lunch Wednesday *Stir fry...
  7. Simple Living
    ~seeing the heron on the pond ~rain! ~very busy day at work! ~nice tips ~my DFamily
  8. What's for dinner
    We're having ham, pierogies & spinach salad with strawberries. :smirk:
  9. Health and beauty
    Did you fit exercise into your weekend? I went for a walk last night at the track, ended up walking for an hour and a half. I could really feel it in my legs and butt :) I'll be walking again later tonite and I plan on doing my "Sexy Arms" video!!
  10. Freebies
    *Friskies Canned Cat Food, 3/$1 with in ad coupon, 1 $1/12 (6/13/04 VALASSIS) = 12/$3 or 25¢ each *Hallmark Cards B2G1F with manufacturer's coupon in the ad (page 6) I wonder if you can print these and use them from the online add? There are many P&G products on sale this week. P&G will be...
1-10 of 10 Results