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  1. Miserly Monday
    Good morning! Well, after working in the yard putting in our retaining walls and finally starting a paver patio, I am officially sore and broke. I cannot believe how expensive pavers are! Yikes! Today I need to work a little in my garden and find the veggies underneath all of the grass that...
  2. What's for dinner
    Tonight we'll be grilling a steak & serving it with Corn Salad (new to me recipe) and New Potatoes with Ham Hock & Green beans. I've made the potato/ bean recipe before and the flavor is awesome. I don't have ham hocks so I'll substitute Better than Bouillon ham base. Edited to add: I made the...
  3. Simple Living
    -I still have my job- -I'm working overtime, extra money for debt reduction-:hurray: -my wonderful husband- -my kids are healthy- -it's Sunday my favorite day of the week- Cat
  4. Simple Sunday
    Good morning everyone. I'm getting ready for another 12 hour work day, sigh. It's going to be a rainy day here today so I may as well be making some money,right?. My DH wants me to take our truck, he has to check the brakes on my car. I need to stop and buy newspapers on the way in, there is...
  5. What's for dinner
    Well it was going tp be Roast Chicken but we ended up being out all arvo so it's now toasted sangas. I baked today instead of yesterday so we have choc chip cookies, sultana and cornflake cookies and pineapple rock cakes for dessert.
  6. What's for dinner
    I think I'll make a pork stir fry. I have a little of this & that saved up in small containers in the freezer and that seems like the logical choice.;)
  7. Home and family challenges
    Gonna make my list tonight and hopefully will get some of these days tomorrow anyways. :) Jen - Clean 5 things off table - Wash dishes - Clean off counters - Give pics to ladies on my floor - Clean out 1 of Louie's drawers - Check to see if I got my cell phone - Pay tithe - Pay phone...
  8. General Chat
    We slept in really late today!!! Not going anywhere, just hanging out at home! Leftovers for dinner, and raining outside! Lazy Day!
  9. Home Environment
    Good morning. I slept in:cheergrl:! Okay, look around, what does your computer table/area look like?:comp: Also, what is on your dinner table? Let's clean those areas up. Mine look like a hurricane came through. If you have already cleaned these areas and they are all good, then find...
  10. What's for dinner
    I know it's early, but what's everyone fixing for dinner tonight? If I can find manicotti shells, I'm making cheese manicotti. I couldn't find them at Kroger last night. If I can't find them, I'll be making cheese stuffed shells instead.
  11. Simple Living
    ~very busy week at work ~country music videos ~DD18 is registered, finally, for orientation ~restful night of sleep ~last day of work this week
  12. What's for dinner
    taco salad here, yummy!
1-12 of 12 Results