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  1. General Chat
    I dont want to go into details, but I made an 800 dollar mistake and am worried that a check will bounce....totally sick to my stomach. Yes, its my payday is Wednesday prayers that the check will not hit till Tuesday night/Wednesday...
  2. Freebies
    another Dr. Oz giveaway My Shape-ups - Win Free Shape-ups with Dr. Oz!
  3. Freebies
    So, I travelled down to Illinois where my parents live at for the weekend. I took the 8 month old baby boy with me and for an 8 hour roundtrip I only had to pull ovr with him 3 times! What a trooper! But anyways, my aunt works at a recyclying center. Any damanged boxes filled with diapers...
  4. Support
    or any time for that matter. My dd just called and asked us to come and get her. Someone hit her and my ds on their way to school. My kids are both ok- and my son was waiting for the police to get there. Will up date as I know more.
  5. General Chat
    My FIL, dh and a friend went to place near the river and picked up (dug out of the sand with their hands) 800 lbs of free potatoes! The friend took 500 lbs and we got the other 300 lbs! Guess we'll be eating lots of potatoes for a while :D
  6. General Chat
    Hi everyone! We will be having a Frugal Village Chat Thursday May 1, the time for all the different time zones will be: Pacific time 6:00pm Mountain time 7:00pm Central time 8:00pm Eastern time 9:00pm I hope everyone can come. We have such a great time in the chats, it is so much fun...
1-6 of 7 Results