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  1. What's for dinner
    Beef enchiladas. I think I will uses diced green tomatoes (not tomatillos) in the beef mix. We have had terrible weather for my tomatoes this year and I have about 20 green ones on the counter.
  2. What's for dinner
    Sausages (or steak still undecided on that one) and vegies. We haven't eaten very well (well health wise anyway lol) over the christmas break so need lots of fruit and veg right now.
  3. Lifestyle challenges
    I looked and I didn't see a thread started for this and I really like being accountable on how we are doing being frugal. -I hung laundry today -washed ziploc bags -dh took leftovers for lunch, but he will be gone until 9:30 tonight, so he took a free drink coupon and chips and will stop at...
  4. What's for dinner
    Roast Beef Crispy Roast Spuds Sweet Potato Beans Hm gravy Yorkshire Puddings Dessert - Fluffy Pudding and fruit
  5. What's for dinner
    We are going to have chicken stirfry and homemade eggrolls - Thanks Donna!! I'm not sure what dessert will be yet.
  6. Simple Living
    ~my oldest DNephew, today is his 20th birthday ~my three day weekend is here ~chatting with my DBest Friend ~my DH helping me clean house ~freedom
  7. What's for dinner
    Can't believe October is almost here, this month flew. Dinner tonight is leftovers! How exciting.:yippee: Jack will be having a casserole he came up with, it was good but he put the onions in raw and huge (so they didn't really cook as much as I think they should,lol) and that just doesn't...
  8. Just Tips
    Do you ever wonder what to do for dried-up oil base paints that are in the paint by numbers kit? If you don't have turpentine on hand, try a little vegetable oil, but adding too much will make the paint to thin.
1-8 of 8 Results