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  1. Question and Answer
    did i miss something? i usually tape them and watch them later at night. anyone know?
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    A coupon mom from RefundCents is going to be on Wifeswap tonight on the ABC network. Here's the link:
  3. Sweeps and Online Contests Enter to win 25K
  4. Freebies choose ground shipping for zero total
  5. Leisure & Media Arts
    Holy cow I like this show! the premise is 12 overweight ppl walk 500 miles to a healthier them. On just the second episode the ppl have lost huge amounts of weight. It encourages me to reevaluate my lack of activity.
  6. Frugal Living
    I know we've done this before-- but not for a while. Let's do our version of Amy D's alphabet for frugality. I'll start: A is for apples. . . cheap this time of year, versitile and delicious.
  7. Christmas there is also a sweepstakes on the site and an animated classics marathon tomorrow ;)
  8. Frugal Living
      Here's the link to Frugal Living from A to P. Can you think of more things that we could add to this article?
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    Okay, I love ABC Sunday night tv. I can't believe they sucked me in, but last week I watched Extreme Home Makeover and then Desperate Housewives, and then Grey's Anatomy. I'm back in tonight and I can't turn them off! Love it!
  10. Kitchen Basics
    I saw an alphabet soup recipe somewhere, does anyone know where it is??
  11. Freebies
    Free ABC Color With Me Software Download
  12. Home Environment This site has some nice articles on organization. They sell cabinets, so some ideas are for products to help organize, but the articles are interesting anyway.
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Helpfull advice in an easy to understand format.:) Nice glossery of terms too.;)
  14. Simple Living
    Avoid negative people, places, things and habits. Believe in yourself. Consider things from every angle. Don't give up and don't give in. Enjoy life today, Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come! Family and friends are hidden treasures. Seek them and enjoy their riches. Give more than...
  15. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    - attitude, angelic B - beauty, beautiful C - Cool, cheerful D - diva E - Earthshaking, educated, Elegant, endearing, Excited F - funky, fantastic, fashionable G - girlie, gentle, girlfriends, glamour H - Heavenly, hilarious I - Interesting, Intense, idealist, J - Jewelry K -...
  16. Frugal Living
    From the Justpeace site: To achieve your dreams, remember your ABC's. Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Believe in yourself. Consider things from every angle. Don't give up, and don't give in. Enjoy life today. Family and friends are hidden treasures. Give more than...
  17. Household notebooks and home manuals
  18. General Chat
    I have a question for those of you that know about ABC Distributing Co.  Does anyone know any other company that sells stuff like them, and have the same type of prices.  I have ordered stuff from them, and they seem to screw around with sending stuff.  I have several orders that have been on...
  19. General Chat
    I remember somethng beng posted about this not long ago...does anyone remember? Thanks!!
1-19 of 26 Results