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  1. Freebies
    T-Shirt and 15 Minutes of Fame We've recently had our free t-shirt offer posted on a number of "Free Stuff" sites and we are getting pummelled with requests. As a relatively small nonprofit, we're happy to send out t-shirts to those who have a connection to MS, but would really appreciate it if...
  2. Education
    The boys and I went to a seminar put on by this company: We are going to try and do some of the boys college courses at home, through internships and through portfolio evaluations. It is a very attractive option for us since it saves us time, loads of...
  3. General Chat
    Is Accelerated payments the same thing as the snowball effect? I just read this advert for an accelerated payment program ... ya pay me 79.99 and I'll send you the program to help you pay your debts off in 6 yrs... This is something I can research and learn about at the library...
1-3 of 3 Results