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  1. Christmas
    Okay everyone, I have a TON of things to do before Cbristmas starting today, I am going to record what I actually did that I needed to finish for the holidays. It could be picking up a gift, working on a homemade craft, addressing Christmas cards, get the idea. Who...
  2. Frugal Canadians
    I have been able to get her much this month because of all the problems I have encountered (illness, death of friend, family needs etc) and I haven't put much down on my debt or even saved much (see my siggy) and I over spent on my Grocery budget by about $50 but what I have accomplished is...
  3. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I watched a rather insightful documentary last night on CBC (Canada's version of NBC) that was being profiled by a program called The Fifth Estate. It's sort of like Dateline, but more thought-provoking and less-biased. :D Last night's program centered around Germany...
  4. Goals and Dreams
    Here is what I wanted to do: This is what I accomplished: ~replace carpet in living room, hall and Chris and Dakota's room (repaint too!) ~pay down our debt ~declutter and reorganize (ongoing process) How did you do?
  5. General Chat
    My list was to completely do the whole house clockwise from top to bottom including windows , walls, dusting, spidee webs, and washing the carpet in a few choice areas - I got the pantry, our room, livingroom, kitchen and dining room done and then I stopped cuz I kept getting interupted by phone...
  6. General Chat
    Well....let's see.... 4 loads of laundry-washed, dried and put away made 2 large pots of soup-about 10 quarts worth made cinnabons with the bread machine making bread with the bread machine went to the store for some of the can can sale put all groceries away plus all of my normal stuff with...
1-6 of 6 Results