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  1. General Chat
    Have you ever had accupuncture? I had my first ever treatment today. Not sure what to think yet. It was painless, but I don't know if it has or will do any good. I have a spasming muscle that he used it for. He used about 12 needles, and I honestly didn't even feel them going in.
  2. Health and beauty
    Have you ever had accupuncture done or know someone who has? Why and what were the results? I have never had accupuncture done and don't personally know of anyone who has. There is not even anyone in this town that does accupuncture. I have been intrigued by the thoughts of getting it done...
  3. Family
    Accupuncture for babies? Saw a report on the local news tonight and they are talking about accupuncture to treat teething, and diaharrea, upset stomach..etc.. (only half caught the report..but thought it was interesting).
1-3 of 3 Results