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  1. General Chat
    Tyring to add pictures take one
  2. Stockpiling
    4 jars of peanut butter at .50 each (sale + coupon) 4 jars of marshmallow creme at $1 each (need for holiday fudge making) 2 cans of pumpkin at .99 each
  3. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Ordered a bike for DS's birthday online through (same company as Sears, they offer this too), took of advantage of the free 30 day trial of 'shipvantage'. This program gives you 'FREE' standard shipping on all items for 1 year, it'll cost you $79. I signed up for it, knowing I will be...
  4. Kitchen Basics
    My husband travels for work, but packs his own food to save money adn to keep him from eating junk all of the time. I have a dehydrator and am looking to see about making him some "instant" soup or rice type meals that he can add boiling water to and let sit for a few minutes. Any...
  5. Home Environment
    In your house? Beyond boiling water on the stove. We have forced air heat, and it is so dry down here.
  6. Kitchen Basics
    What things do you add to flavor your Couscous? I haven't had it for awhile and bought some. I have some dried cranberries. Would that be weird?
  7. Money challenges
    I know alot of people anymore do not like to sell on ebay due to the rule changes and yes I am one of them. But I have been finding so many cool items for cheap prices that I know will sell on ebay,that I have to risk it. So this will be a weekly post of how it turns out.Right now I have a...
  8. Family
    My husband had ADD and it makes it very difficult to keep the house clean and organized. He leaves tools, chemicals, paints and potions in the strangest places like...the window sill in the dining room or the shelf above the bathroom sink. He says he needs visual ques to remind him to do...
  9. Baking Breads
    We've been experimenting with a "standard" bread recipe that's half regular bread flour and half whole wheat. We usually add flax meal (2 tbsp) and sometimes wheat germ, though the latter tends to make the bread more "fragile" and it breaks easily. I'm considering experimenting with corn meal...
  10. Stockpiling
    I was looking over and going thru my stockpile after I added to it this week. I thought I had enough for 3 months but while it MIGHT last 3 months it would be very hodge podge. So I've thinking out of the things that I have what do I need more of and what have I totally neglected to buy extra...
  11. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    CVS Ad (July 19-July 25) Back-to-School 3 day sale (Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday only!) Papermate 1.2 pens 10 ct. you pay 99 cents w/ card you get Extra buck Reward 99 cents (like free after EBR) Offer limit 2 per household w/ card. After Tuesday no extra buck. Caliber of CVS pharmacy filler paper...
  12. Question and Answer
    I don't have a button to add a thank you to my posts. I'm sure instructions on how to do this are somewhere, but I can't find them.
  13. General Chat
    so today i locked my keys in my truck....okay...maybe that's no big deal to some of you...but in all of my 43 years (and everyone knows how OLD i am too)....hey...i will blame it on 'senility'.... but i have NEVER done that before in my whole life.... and while i am on the subject...i...
  14. General Chat
    They show deorderent on sale for $7.99, i got on line and double checked it and sure enough says the same thing.Im sure its a typo but if its going to be that much i would be sticking a match under my arm.
  15. Candlemaking
    Right after it's completely melted and when you are adding color? Before or after color? What works best---fragrance oils or essential oils? Can you add regular perfume?
  16. General Chat
    Hi everyone. Add my daughter to your friends, her nick on the forums is allypaige. She will be excited to have many friends in the village.
  17. Money challenges
    I challenge everyone to add a little to the emergency fund in June! Lets brain storm how to get it there and document our progress! I auto draft $50 weekly but I'll try for more. It looks like dh will be having his knee done so I see storm clouds on the horizon!
  18. Stockpiling
    All this talk of stockpile got me to think. Wheat, rice and beans are all well and good but don't forget some of the comfort things as well. Put a side a few treats. A bag of m&m's will be like gold to a child who has gone months without. Also think about these things too First aid kit...
  19. Health and beauty
    So, I went in for my ovary removal on Friday. The surgery apparently went well, but recovery has been hell! I have had 4 different surgeries revolving around basically the same theme, and even my hysterectomy was nowhere near as painful as this is. I called the doc to ask about med for the...
  20. Frugal Living
    DH just got off the phone w/ MIL and found out she want to go shopping next week. She only does grocery shopping about once every three months. But.... she shops at the Naval Commissary in Newport. Now anyone who can shop there knows some of the prices are unbelievable great! So we stock up...