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  1. General Chat
    The drama continues..... On our way to my sons house last night the staker call my other son's new girlfriend and admitted to giving the code to his car door to her friend who took the things........ I still think she did it. Hre friend is a fireman. I sure don't want him around me....... Boy...
  2. Support
    Stupid nurse! ;) Apparently she started with a GI bleed a couple days ago. . . . kept working and doing at home, until today when it got so bad she nearly passed out at her desk from the pain and probably blood loss. Will be having loads of tests tomorrow (EGD, colonoscopy, ultrasound). Had...
  3. Support
    She is running a fever and has been admitted. Please pray for her speedy recovery. I have been scarce around here I know, but we have had alot of health issues with Holly. I hope to be back online soon!! :grouphug:
1-3 of 5 Results