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  1. Freebies
    I know some here make Jesse trees. I thought this might be something they'd like. Free Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Book A Holy Experience
  2. Christmas
    This year the church gave each family with children a Advent candle set up. This one is very pretty a glass bowl filled with purple "crystals" and floating Advent candles and fill with water when your home. The minister also made a advent devotional to use with the candles every evening. My...
  3. Christmas
    Advent Gift Day 1- a quarter- A quarter! This equals 25 cents. But 25 also stands for the number of days until Christmas, when God gave us His best present. Jesus told about one woman's gift and the way she gave it. Read Mark 12:41-44 Day 2- a piece of grape gum- Grape gum!. Grapes make jelly...
  4. Freebies Adobe download or by mail
  5. Freebies
    t Christmas is coming and Kids Corner has a special way for you and your family to get ready-the 2007 Kids Corner Advent Calendar. Write or email us for your copy today. Or Print out your own right now. Click Here.
  6. Christmas
    We don't put up a tree until very close to Christmas but we do celebrate the drawing near of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. I put a blue tablecloth on our table (Blue is the color of Hope) and I have a lovly advent wreath made of different fir cones and nuts/seeds. I usually have 4 plue...
  7. Christmas
    need suggestions for items for advent calander i am crocheting little pouches to hang on the tree to use for our advent calender. other than candy, does anyone have any suggestions for what i could put in them? they are roughly 2 inches x 3inches. they would have to hold 2 items in them since i...
  8. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Each year, at the beginning of Advent, we all sit down & I read a chapter from our Advent book..... For each of the last three years, we've read the new book by Arnold Ytreeide (), but it doesn't seem that he has a new book this year... :( Can anyone suggest a great Advent book?! TIA!!
  9. Hobbies
    Isn't this beautiful? I love this idea. A bit late for this year, but a great craft to do.
  10. Frugal Living
  11. Sewing
  12. Hobbies
    a bit involved, but was cute enough to share.
1-12 of 12 Results