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  1. Stockpiling
    A new album with most of my stockpile in it. I left out most anything open that we are using, and also left out a basket of sample stuff in my bathroom. Our stockpile took a big hit when my husband got laid off on July 1st. So we are just trying to get it stocked back up. Also I never...
  2. General Chat
    He is a very excited 15 year old! Guess what we are partying too this New Years!!!:crackup: The genre is electronica, and makes really good party music.
  3. Photography
    I want to try and put together an album of dh's wood projects he's doing. I found a neat website that you can order them from but they are rather expensive. so Ithought I would give it a whirl by myself with help from you guys if you don't mind. Do you know of any sites that have suggestions...
  4. General Chat
    So much of what I love about the village is that we share life together. That being said, I posted a few pictures of our new home and some of my favourite pictures from our family pictures we had taken yesterday....... I'm so glad to be back, I really missed you all...
  5. General Chat
    I have been busy taking some photos. I uploaded some new ones. Here they are:
  6. General Chat
    I have posted a new photo album for those who would like to see some photos of our oldest son's wedding. I had a couple more photos but for one reason or another - even after re-sizing - they just wouldn't upload. Hope you like them.
  7. Sewing
    I uploaded pics of nearly every project I've finished this year so far. I have a few things that I forgot to take pictures of. Also, I've finished the bugs and bug catcher and I haven't taken a picture of that, yet. If you're...
  8. Question and Answer
    I click on the browse button and the file name comes up that I would like to post from off my computer but then when I click on upload pictures it erases the file name. What am I doing wrong? Thanks :)
  9. Freebies Back and Forth by Lanae' Hale 13 songs (entire album is offered as a free download!) Info about the artist:
  10. Freebies
  11. Stockpiling
    I took inventory today and snapped some pics. Thought I'd share! I'm thinking about making some changes, but wanted to have these pics on file. They can be seen HERE. Gotta say, I love looking at stockpile pics!
  12. Freebies Annual Assault * Slipknot - “All Hope Is Gone” * Dragonforce - “Heroes of Our Time” * Opeth - “Porcelain Heart” * Machine Head - “Halo” [Explicit] * Airbourne - “Runnin’ Wild” * Soulfly - “Unleash” [Explicit] * Black Stone Cherry - “Soulcreek”...
  13. General Chat
    Hey, I just wanted to say "Thanks" to Sara and Gabe for this new feature. I never really thought much about checking out the albums, unless someone specifically said that there was something they wanted us to check out. I've really been enjoying seeing the random albums upon logging in and...
  14. Freebies
    Download the new album "Slipknot" at Totally free, had no problems downloading it to our iPod
  15. Freebies Hello Hoorray Members! I have some very exciting news for you! Due to popular demand, anyone who leaves a comment on how to improve Hoorray gets a free photo album with shipping included! How exciting! You can take this opportunity to tell us what you’d like to see...
  16. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    I attached pics of the mini-album I made for a friend. It was the size of a CD case and there were 3 inserts. I decorated the fronts and backs...I left the journaling page blank so she could write about the fall with her son. She doesn't scrap and is a single mom without much free time, so it...
1-16 of 31 Results