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  1. Home Decorating
    I recently discovered the works of alexandra stoddard. her books make me feel less lonely, and OK with being home alone. in our society something is wrong with you if you are not running and out spending money all the time. i love making a pot of tea, and staying home all day. her books...
  2. Sewing
    Here is what I have been working on yesterday and today. I have to get some hook and eyes for the back, but other than that it is done. I am going to be doing a few tutorials using this dress, as soon as I get them typed up, I'll be posting them.  
  3. Sewing
    It was more like take 50. The first time wasn't so bad because I did it WRONG. lol This time I was determined to do this dress the proper way with the seams inside. It was difficult for me and I still have some mistakes in it, but here it is. I did it at 2am. lmao I decided to do a little...
  4. Family
    When Tina came by, she made this cute little sensory bag for Alexandra to play with. It's just hair gel, foamies, glitter, etc put into a ziploc baggie and contac papered. The kids love to squeeze it.
  5. Family
    and got her first tooth today too. :weeping:
  6. Family
    What a difference a couple of weeks makes. This was taken today. Her outfit has her looking kinda chubby. LOL
  7. Family
    Here's a little picture of big brother Zachary with Alexandra. :D
1-8 of 8 Results