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  1. Frugal Living
    I am the one in charge of our finances as the SO is absolutely terrible with money and budgeting. This is the first time I will be doing all the back to school shopping for the 3 in school and also my daughter who does PreK with me at home. The SO has a real issue with overcompensating his...
  2. Success Stories
    We received some balance transfer checks for 4.99% FIXED. This is .5 to 1.25 less than the percentage rate of the first 3 amounts in our debt snowball. Balance transfers are a bit of a hassle and I just wasn't sure that it would be worth it. Last night, we took the time to plug all the new...
  3. News you can use
    5 old tax laws, new amounts These five adjustments to existing tax laws also could affect your tax bill.
  4. Preparedness and Survival
    I have lots of questions. I looked at the link that forestdale/Rhonda posted for a preparedness calculator, but some of the suggested amounts seemed very high or very low. My purpose in ordering bulk foods is to obtain organic foods for a better unit price. My goal is for the order to last...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    The only time I do is when I'm making a specific bread or cake. When I bake anything else, I just use a pinch here and a pince there. How about you?
1-5 of 5 Results