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  1. Hobbies
    I've been thinking about the recent thread "Is there something you've always wanted." I posted there that I had houseplants in the past and two or three now, but never had the indoor jungle I wanted. And why not? So I am going to remedy that. Well, maybe not jungle and certainly not jungle...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Have a great one!! Congratulations for making it through one more trip around the sun!!
  3. Health and beauty
    LOL! Don't mean to keep bugging you.... Here is something I found relating to what I was discussing on my health challenge journal.
  4. General Chat
    I posted this here because I wanted you to see it, Amy. If I put it under health, it could be eons before you noticed it, I'm thinkin'. LOL! I have a few Glycemic Index charts for foods saved in my comp., and they all have <<Fetuccine>> as the only pasta that is in the low GI range. I...
  5. Health and beauty
    Well, I did my first weigh-in yesterday. I have to say, I was nicely surprised by the number. I think I may have caught myself on a good day. Anyway, I'm still looking to reduce that number, but I'm also hoping to increase muscle tone which I realize will add weight. I'm ready. :)
  6. Health challenges
    Okay, well, I'm sure I'll have some excuses, but I'll try really hard not to. :) Today I got on the HealthWalker, but only for 15 minutes. However, it was 15 minutes more than I did yesterday! Tonight I have handbell choir which is a bit of a workout, considering I ring a total of 12 bells...
  7. Community sites
    This is my blog. It's new, but I hope you enjoy it!
  8. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day today!!! :grwave::grwave::grwave:
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    :cheer4: :cheer4: HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!
  10. General Chat
    I thought of you this morning...just got back from the ShopRite CanCan sale:fdance: It's amazing how heavy that cart can get by the time you're done! WHEW!! PS...I go to the one in Succasunna;)
  11. General Chat
    i just read your post in the village blogger. i hate to say this but u should contact store security and \or the local police.. i have the very sick feeling that man was eyeing one of your children. just reading it make me :puke: but it scared me a bit.. just the thought of a grown man doing...
  12. Education
    I would really love to hear from teachers right now. My oldest daughter is considering majoring in math for business. She has also mentioned she might be interested in teaching. I'm wondering if you are happy being a teacher in todays times. Is it what you thought it would be? What is it...
  13. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Amy! I hope you have a wonderful day:) :cake: :band: :dancing:
  14. Home Environment
    I am so excited, it has been working!! I have a box located on my washer, one by dh's wardrobe, one by my closet too. What I have been doing is this... When clothes come through the wash, out of the dryer if they are too small for the kids, they go into the box. I have been adding to it, over...
  15. Home Environment
    THis afternoon baby took a nap and i went on a ten minute ruthless purge fest in my closet. i got rid of three garbage bags of clothes I know I will never ever fit into again. (And hey if i do make it into those sizes, wouldn't I deserve new , up-to-date, clothes by then?) so, woo hoo, three...
  16. General Chat
    Amy your pm box is full. :)
  17. Home Environment
    Just letting you know that I washed all of my windows inside and outside today. :D
  18. Just Tips
    Are you ready? My tip, my one and only tip on saving money on fast food is to rent the movie SuperSize Me . Seriously, you will never eat fast food again, nor will you drink soda, so you are saving tons of money right there. You'll make back the $4.76 or whatever it will cost you to rent the...
  19. General Chat
    Tonight was the season finale......of course it was almost the SERIS finale. I am so glad that at the last minute they decided to do a season 8. I hate to admit it, but you could just about tell the directors weren't sure if they would make it back next year. Anyway, what did you think of...
  20. General Chat
    Sorry to announce that to the world, but, I didn't know how else to tell you.  :)  
1-20 of 38 Results