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  1. Crockpot
    There is recipe in here for crockpot rotisserie chicken that says "place the chicken back-side down on top of the foil"...thus my question: When you say "backside", do you mean cavity down or do you mean back bone, ie. breasts facing up? Apologies for any graphic chicken images I have created...
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    Granted, it will be the LAST new ep we'll see until the strike is settled and filming resumes...but WOOHOO!! I am sooooo peeved at Derek for telling Mer she's the love of his life, he wants a family with her...but maybe someone else will come along first. THEN he goes and kisses that Rose...
  3. General Chat
    I am sitting here crying like a baby,tonights episode is so sad.She cannot die
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    Just found out they're moving Grey's to Thursday nights against CSI. That is so wrong! Thank goodness for vcr's. I've got all summer to make sure they all work. These are 2 shows I try never to miss.
  5. Leisure & Media Arts
    OK, so what do you all think is happening with George?   I had read a rumor somewhere that one of the interns was leaving-- do you think it's him?
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Well, I went to set the tivo to tape it and I looked at fox not abc :( So I didn't get to tape it can anyone please tell me what happend? Thanks
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    I haven't really been "committed" to this show until last week. I thought last night's episode was exceptional. What did you think?
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Did all of you get to watch the "Super Bowl Sunday" episode??? He where I live, it did not show....:confused: :confused: My DD and I waited until ten pm and it was a rerun of Desparate Housewives..... :bang: :bang: Just curious if all of you watched...Or if any one knows what happened..
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    GA has definitely become my favorite TV show.   Anyone else hooked on Grey's Anatomy? If so.... .... Do you think Dr McDreamy will end up with Meredith after all?  I do... at least I hope so!  :D ... Do you want to smack Alex, or is that just me?   :toothy:    
1-9 of 9 Results